Worship Resources

These resources are free. Any church, organisation or group that wishes to learn about or base worship around the life of Hugh Bourne and Primitive Methodism may make use of any or all of them.

Hugh Bourne Monologue

A short video monologue delivered by Hugh Bourne (played by Methodist Preacher Tim Macquiban) outlining the details of his life and his role in the birth of the Primitive Methodist movement. Written by Elizabeth Morris. You can also watch this and our other videos via our YouTube Channel.

Video: An Introduction to Hugh Bourne and Primitive Methodism

Order of Service

Here is an outline order of service for any preacher interested in focusing on Hugh Bourne and his contribution to Methodism. As you may already know, 2022 is a special year as we are commemorating the 250th anniversary of his birth. The order of service is in the form of a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation: the sermon notes are in Microsoft Word.