Learning Programmes

We offer a unique learning environment.

We champion Fun & Learning.

Our KS1 & KS2 workshops are all linked to the National Curriculum

Our learning programmes can be tailored to suit your specific needs and are all hands on and fully participatory.

Our main themes are Victorians, Hugh Bourne Man of Science, and WWII.


Historical, social and geographical understanding

  • How people lived
  • Social History
  • Pupil Voice

How should we live and who can inspire us?

Why are some buildings special?

Design & Technology: exploration of materials and their properties

Downloads: Schools Risk Assessment

Through role play children are taken back in time before dressing up in costumes. They participate in the Sunday school lesson with the three R’s (Reading, writing & arithmetic) before playing out with Victorian style toys.      

A choice of workshops follows:

  • Toys then & Now – a hands on experience playing with indoor Victorian style toys. Learn about their history & links with the Bible
  • Be an apprentice printer & printing on the Atlas printing press
  • Be a detective follow a trail to explore our site
  • Discover the secrets of our Doll House
  • Have a photo in Gaol – Why are you there? What did you do?
  • Speak out like a Ranter from the Ranters’ pulpit.

Hugh Bourne: Man of Science

  • Local famous person
  • Scientific enquiry

Local hero and railway pioneer, Hugh Bourne, taught science to children in the 19th Century.

Meet a Hugh Bourne look alike and learn all about him

What did he teach?   Do we agree today?

Carry out his science experiments

Learn about air & water pressure

Explore methods of heat exchange, steam power & condensation

See our model of the Newcomen style pumping engine

What is a putt putt boat?

What are the applications for today?

Find out about his ‘Primitive Physic’ and what plants are used for today

What did he teach about healthy living? Do we agree today?