Our Shop

Welcome to Englesea Brook’s gift shop window. Although there is not currently the facility to sell these items online, please call the museum to arrange collection or posting out. All profits from items sold in the shop go to support our work.


Shop Item-Book-People Called Methodists
Primitive Methodism by G Milburn – £16.99
Shop Item-Book-The Writings of Thomas Russell
The Writings of Thomas Russell – £10.99
Shop Item-Book-The Origin And History Of The Primitive Methodist Church
Kendall Vols 1 and 2 – £25 each or £45 the set
Shop Item-Book-People Called Methodists
People Called Methodists – £10.00


Shop Item-Booklet-Blood And Guts
Blood And Guts: A Community At War – £3.50
Shop Item-Booklet-Truly Primitive
Truly Primitive: The Canadian Journal of Revd John Davison, 1847-84 – £3.50

Traditional Children’s Toys

Shop Item-Toys-Skipping Rope
Skipping Ropes (various designs) – £8
Shop Item-Toys-Wooden Train Whistle
Wooden Train Whistle – £6.50
Shop Item-Toys-Wooden Yo-Yo
Wooden Yo-Yo – £5
Shop Item-Toys-Clockwork Trains
Clockwork Train – £6
Shop Item-Toys-Football Rattle
Football Rattle/Crow Scarer – £5.50
Shop Item-Toys-Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glasses – £6.50 each
Shop Item-Toys-Murder At The Museum
Murder At The Museum – £7.99


Shop Item-Merchandise-Pens
Pens – £3
Shop Item-Merchandise-Torch
Torch (perfect fit for a handbag) – £4.50
Shop Item-Merchandise-Slate Coaster and Fridge Magnet
Slate Coaster – £4 Slate Fridge Magnet – £3.50
Shop Item-Merchandise-Postcards
Postcards – 50p each/3 for £1

Primitive Methodist Pottery

Please note that these are NOT historical items from the Museum collection, but items specifically given to the museum as gifts to be sold in our gift shop.
Other designs are available.

Shop Item-PM Pottery-Primitive Methodist centenary plate
1907 Primitive Methodist Centenary plate – £15
Shop Item-PM Pottery-Cloud Methodist Church Plate
Cloud Methodist Church Plate (the oldest Primitive Methodist chapel still in use) – £5

Craft Items (locally sourced)

Shop Item-Craft Items-Handspun Wool Bag
Handspun Wool Bag – £7.50
Shop Item-Craft Items-Handspun Handknitted Tiny Wool Bags
Handspun Handknitted Tiny Wool Bags – £3.50
Shop Item-Craft Items-Cushion Cover
Cushion Cover, one-off design – £35
Shop Item-Craft Items-Hand Knitted Tea Cosies
Hand Knitted Tea Cosies – various designs, individually priced
Shop Item-Craft Items-Englesea Brook Cross Stitch Kit
Englesea Brook Cross Stitch Kit – £9
Shop Item-Craft Items-Englesea Brook Cross Stitch Kit
Englesea Brook Cross Stitch Kit – £9 (completed example)