Accessibility Guide

We have put together this detailed walkthrough for visitors who have accessibility issues. We hope that it will be helpful.
This page is optimised for viewing on a mobile phone.

The exterior of the chapel and museum.

the exterior of the chapel and museum

If you arrive by car there is disabled parking available opposite the chapel and museum.

accessible parking symbol

The carpark surface is tarmac.

the carpark's tarmac surface

There is a slope up on to the road and pavers to help you know when you are at the side of the road.

the road surface outside the car park

The pavement leading to the graveyard entrance is uneven and narrow.

pavement leading to graveyard

The entrance to the graveyard is uneven. There is a shallow step down.

entrance to the graveyard

There is a gravel and grass path up the middle of the graveyard.
Some of the gravestones have been laid down.
Amongst the graves there are trip hazards and the ground is uneven.

the graveyard

The museum as seen from the exit from the graveyard.

the museum seen from the graveyard

The entrance to the path is across the road and slightly to the right.

start of the museum path

When you have crossed the road there is a ramp up a gentle slope with handrails either side. Some of the paving stones are ridged so you don’t slip if it is wet.

path surface and handrail

Follow the path to the top of the ramp.

path to the top of the ramp

Turn right towards the white cottage.

right turn at top of the ramp

Follow the path round to the back of the cottage.
There is a glass door.
This is the entrance.

the door that gives entrance to the museum

This is the Chapel Tea Room and Gift Shop.
Please tell us if you need any help.
We will take you around the museum if you would like us to.
You can buy refreshments here. We have gluten-free food.
If you have a special diet and you have brought your own food you are welcome to eat it here.
You can also buy gifts from our shop.
You may hear a doorbell here. It is quite loud. This lets us know that there are people in the museum.

the tea room and the gift shop

Opposite the entrance to the tea room are two steps up to the patio.
You are welcome to sit here.

the steps up to our patio

If you take the path to the left of the patio you will find the toilet (left) and the accessible toilet (right).

the path round to the toilets
First toilet door
2nd accessible toilet door

To enter the museum you will need to follow the path around the front of the museum.

path to the chapel, first stretch

The main entrance is through the chapel door.
The path to it is a little uneven.
There are three steps down along the path.
This is a small step up the path to the door.

Second stage of path to the chapel

If you cannot manage steps you can enter the museum through an alternative entrance via the first door you come to on your right.

alternative entrance via the first door

The main entrance has a step up to the door.
The floor inside the entrance is rough wood.
It may feel cool inside the chapel.
The lights are sensitive to movement. They will come on when you move, but may go off if you are still.

main entrance through the chapel

The floor is wooden, stone and carpet.
It is uneven in places.
There are things you may trip on.
There is a lot of old furniture which may have an unfamiliar smell.
You can sit in the pews.

The chapel inside

To the left there are some steep steps up to the gallery.
Most of the steps are carpetted.

The lower steps to the gallery, carpetted.

The steps at the top, however, are wooden.

The wooden upper steps into the gallery

The gallery has steep steps down to the pews.
There are two low windows.
The doors on the box pews can bang loudly.
The balcony rail is medium height.
You use the same steps to climb back down to the chapel.

The view from the gallery

There are two steps up into the next room.
There are two grab rails.
We can make a ramp up for you if you request it.

Door through to the main museum display room

The floor in this room may be slippery.
The lights are sensitive to movement. They will come on when you move, but may go off if you are still.

The main museum exhibit room

There are two steps up to the next room.
There are two grab rails.
If you cannot manage steps, go out through the door you entered the museum by.
Follow the path down the side of the cottage.
Go back into the museum through the white door.
You can then access this room.

Way through to the next room

The third room is small.
The lighting is dim.
Through the door is the last room.
The floor is hard and cold.
The room is narrow.

The third room

You can exit through the white door.

Exit via the white door

The toilets are to your left as you exit.
You can visit the Chapel Tea Room and Gift Shop, which are straight ahead.

View via the exit door

If there is an emergency and we have to leave the buildings there is a meeting point at the end of the drive.
There is a green sign on the gate post to show you where to meet.
The gate and gate post are opposite the entrance to the chapel.
From the chapel there are steps down to the gravel drive.
The gravel may be difficult to walk on. It can make a loud crunching noise when you walk on it.
If you can’t use the steps, you can follow the ramp to the road and wait on the ramp. Someone will come and help you.
We will make sure you are safe at all times.
When it is safe to do so, you can go back inside the buildings to continue your visit. We will tell you when it is safe to go back inside.

The muster point

The Collection Store is in the carpark.
Sometimes the Collections Store is open to visitors.
There is a gentle slope up to the door.
The door is heavy and must be closed behind you.
There is a second door inside which must be closed behind you.
The doors must be closed to keep the temperature inside the same.

The collection store

The Collection Store is the place where we keep the things we can’t fit in the museum.
It may feel cool inside.
The floor is even.
The lights are bright.

Inside the store

Outside the Collection Store there are some benches.
You can sit here.
There is a view across the fields.

The benches

If we need to leave the Collection Store in an emergency you will be shown where to meet in the carpark away from the building.