Crafty Ranters

Updated Crafty Ranters Poster
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Crafty Ranters are a relaxed group that meet every 2nd Friday of the month during Englesea Brook’s open season to enjoy chat, cake, coffee and craft.  The group is open to all and is for all abilities.

Sessions are free (but we always welcome donations!). You can come to one session; you can come to some sessions; you can come to all of them.

Materials are provided (unless stated otherwise).

You can just drop by, but we would encourage you to book in advance so that we can ensure that we have enough materials to go around.  To book your place please email Ruth at and don’t forget to let us know about any dietary requirements you might have as well as whether or not you require wheelchair access.

Why not come along and try your hand at something new!

Programme for 2022

Friday 8th April: Cloth Stories

Fabric is a natural storyteller. It holds memories of who made it, used, wore it. Perhaps you have a favourite piece of material that holds particular memories for you. In this session we’ll make Amish toothbrush mats. (yes, there really is such a thing!).


Friday 13th May: Weaving Our Story

If your life was a weaving, what would it look like?  Evenly spaced bands of colour or randomly patterns of light and dark?  Using a very simple hand-held cardboard loom and scraps of wool, we weave some of the stories of our lives.

Friday 10th June: Do Your Own Thing! Or Learn Crochet!

You have a choice of activities: you can “do you own thing!” and just bring along a craft that you enjoy; or, if you don’t have an own thing to do, we’ll be showing you how to crochet! So if you’ve ever fancied learning how to e.g., make a tea cosy, now’s your chance.

Tea Cosy

Friday 8th July: Claiming Our Name

Argentine Mothers

In 1997 in response to the military dictatorship in Argentina, Mothers of the Disappeared embroidered their children’s names on headscarves as an act of protest against the kidnapping, torture and murder of their children.  Using simple stitches we will embroider our names – and perhaps other names too in an act of remembrance and solidarity.   It is also an occasion to remember that our names, and who we are are also precious.

Friday 9th September: Crafty Protest

Craftivism is a way of peaceful protest both locally and globally. We can decide as a group what campaign we might like to join and what we might make.


Friday 12th August: Englesea Brook Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is a craft that embraces all walks of life and gender. To celebrate the cross stitch pictures that are at Englesea Brook we will make our own simple samplers.

Friday 14th October: Inspired Rant

An opportunity to revisit one of the crafts that has really inspired you, and a review of the year.