Englesea Extra

The 2020 Covid lockdowns challenged families, charities and businesses across the world.  Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum was no exception.  Focusing on the ‘Chapel’ aspect of our work we sought to pastorally care for our distanced staff and volunteers as we mourned the absence of the Englesea Brook community that so many of us value.  So we started a digital newsletter, Englesea Extra.

Initially weekly, now monthly, Englesea Extra is produced by our staff as a way of keeping in touch with the on-going work of the museum and each other, and serves as a space where we can reflect on what our Primitive Methodist forebears might have to teach us in these strange and unsettling times.  Take a look by clicking on the links below, where you will find interesting articles on local Primitive Methodist history, the latest developments on the MyPrimitiveMethodists website, unearthed treasures, ideas for parents homeschooling, book reviews, quizzes and conundrums.

Englesea Extra 69 Cover
No. 69, May 2024
Englesea Extra 68 Cover
No. 68, March 2024
Englesea Extra 67 Cover
No. 67, February 2024
Englesea Extra 66 Cover
No. 66, January 2024
Englesea Extra 65 Cover
No. 65, December 2023
Englesea Extra 64 Cover
No. 64, November 2023
Englesea Extra 63 Cover
No. 63, October 2023
Englesea Extra 62 Cover
No. 62, August 2023
Englesea Extra 61 Cover
No. 61, July 2023
Englesea Extra 60 Cover
No. 60, June 2023
Englesea Extra 59's Cover
No. 59, May 2023
Englesea Extra 58's Cover
No. 58, April 2023